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Our artists pride themselves on bringing your ideas to life with the utmost consideration, safety and always tattoo with the customers best interest in mind.



8 years experience


Tattooing for 8 years full time, Jake turned his passion and talent for art through his formative years into his work. A well rounded artist, he has experience in all tattoo styles, with a particular interest in dark realism and pop culture. driven to continually outperform himself and deliver the best art possible, Jake has gained a loyal following and rave reviews, Jake looks forward to working with you to give you your favourite tattoo.

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12 years experience


Colin squire - the founder of squires ink, Grew up in South Africa and attended the National school of arts for four years. Purchasing his first tattoo machine in 2006, Colin continued his art while also undertaking a professional motocross career. Colin counts himself lucky that in 2013 he got his full time tattooing break at Exit 79, and leant from some of the best in the business. Colin gained diverse experience in black & grey and colour work. he has a particular interest in anime, and merging realism with the abstract. Two years ago Colin struck out on his own opening squires ink. Come down and see what Colin has built!

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